This initiative arises from an efficiency agreement between skilled and tested professionals who, together, offer a full range of consulting services drawing on insight and experience acquired in years of work “in the field”.. Our aim is to create, expand, redefine strategies and high value relationships for independent hotel companies seeking real, concrete results, measurable in terms of income, of reputation, of visibility.

We commit to activate all our capacity, all our expertise, across the field to orientate and to support clients through a process leading to the achievement of their targets and goal.

What sets us apart is our systemic approach to projects, the reliability, the accuracy, with which they are defined and then constantly monitored, the best professional care that each client expects and deserves.

Transparency of the relationships with our partners is based not by chance on the principle of intellectual honesty that also characterizes each of our professional histories.  We have in common a positive, receptive attitude toward the client’s ideas and expectations, and the context in which we – and they - operate.



Catalano & Associates 

Hotel Consulting Agency

3 rue des Pasquiers - 84240 Grambois

Luberon - Provence (France)

Ph. + 33 (0) 4 9068 1047